Back To School

September 7, 2011

Have your kids started school yet? Mine started this week, and I must admit I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have so many friends who are eager for school to start and for the routine to begin again… but I feel like summer went way too quickly and I could use another month of sleeping in and being schedule-free. In a rush to get out the door this morning, I drank my coffee in about 3 seconds flat and then had to brush my teeth immediately after. A sin!

Of course I’m completely unprepared for the new school season, and will be trying to get organised this week (I still have to buy school supplies and Autumn clothes — all my kids’ trousers are about an inch too short now!).Which is why I was really inspired by our Top Ten selection of Back-To-School products this week and thought it was worth mentioning on the blog. Are you one of those mums who is well prepared for the new school season? Or, like me, are you in denial still?

x Courtney


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 7, 2011

I love this back-to-school collection! And yes, I need to get the shopping going. My kids are in pyjamas 2 years down. I guess this would make their winter pyjamas summer pyjamas!!!
My kids love to be back in school BTW! xxx

September 7, 2011

[…] Back To School ( […]

Emilie in Paris
September 7, 2011

GREAT selection. Back to school is always so hectic so great to have a items already selected!

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