C SATHAL — gorgeous hand-crafted jewellery

I always envy women who have that natural talent to choose and wear accessories with an easy flair. (Like: ‘I just threw that bright green plastic bracelet on in the morning, do you really think it looks just perfect with my vintage silk Furstenberg dress that I found in the bottom of my mum’s dresser?’) I really don’t have that talent. When I wear accessories I usually feel like I’m trying too hard…

Not the case with these gorgeous (GORGEOUS!) pieces made by the French Céline Sathal. They’re just perfect, and so easy to wear!! You can pair them with everything, chic or casual, and look effortlessly stylish. Handmade by a crochet technique that combines simple natural leather with gold-plated chains and beads, there is something so easy and un-pretentious about these pieces that they also look beautiful on children. They even look great as decor pieces in the house!

xxx Esther


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September 5, 2011

Esther, you just blew your cover. You’ve always looked hip ‘n trendy to me!

Coffee this month??


Esther in Amsterdam
September 6, 2011

Haha, so now you know! Coffee sounds good. I would love to finally meet Asia!

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