We have been spending the summer in the fabulous French countryside. The not so fabulous thing about the French countryside is that sunny weather is by no means guaranteed. Temperatures can drop from 28 degrees to 18 degrees in a few hours, so it is wise to have some indoor activities close at hand.
My friend Heather came to visit up with a pack of UNO cards — a game I had completely forgotten about – and it  was a total hit. UNO is perfect to entertain the over 5 year olds and their parents for hours. I love it when the whole family can play together!
By the way, I had no idea UNO has been around for a such a long time, but it apparently just celebrated its 40th anniversary! Available through Amazon (UK or US ).

– Emilie




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September 2, 2011

Yeah! Uno is great! Praised it a while a go as well 🙂 KleinN loves it (and so do we)! He’s only three but he can play it perfectly (the junior version with animals instead of numbers).

September 3, 2011

great to know that there is a junior version. The normal version was too hard for Violette (aged 3) and she was a bit unhappy about being left out…

May 2, 2013

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