MAC Skin Finish

I need to preference this post: I am not big on products anymore. There was a time during which I had the false hope that a new pot of eye shadow would revolutionize my look — it never did. But sometimes I do discover something that makes my life a little easier. I am always tying to find an easy, simple and effective make-up routine — mornings can be hectic at our place. I sometimes find myself trying to apply mascara, while pouring milk into cereal bowls (proof that women are really good at multi-tasking).

Anyway, I recently discovered a new powder from MAC that works as a light foundation and powder all-in-one. Seriously great, a couple of brush strokes and I don’t look like a goth anymore! Just apply with a brush for a light cover or a sponge for a more intense cover. It also prevents you from having those horrible streaks around your jaw line, which turn up when you are applying foundation in a rush.

I am not saying I look as put together as Claudia Schiffer on a school run when I walk out the door, but maybe one day, they will invent a miracle make up to achieve just that!



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Cat in Palma
August 29, 2011

Great! I’m in the market for a new light foundation or powder so this is perfect timing, Emilie! I’ll go check it out. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
August 30, 2011

Looks great! I recently started using foundation — I never did so but it does make a difference especially in the morning. 🙂
MAC products are great, I should take some me-time and visit the MAC store here in Amsterdam (or come to Paris). x

August 30, 2011

I’m buying some!

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