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Pretend Play and Wooden Play Food

Pim (4) and Sara (6) love to pretend play — they literally spend hours where they pretend to be mother and child, daddy and dog, seal and baby, I even caught them ‘pretending’ to be brother and sister (which they are, so it was quite hilarious to hear them playing: ‘brother?’ ‘Yes, sister?’). They’ll use any location as a stage for their adventures. They use their dolls, soft animals, dress up clothes, and whatever they get their hands on — socks become sleeping bags, marbles become children, a bike lock becomes a giant Ferris wheel. Safe to say they have a healthy imagination!
The toys that are used probably most in relation to their stories are the wooden food toys they have. They are carried around in bags, and used for picnics, barbecues, dinner parties, restaurants, etc. I especially like the Melissa and Doug food-ware, they have such clever ideas! We once brought the pizza box back from NY and they recently were given this very cool BBQ set. The well-know cutting fruits are also a favourite. We’ve had ours for five years or so and they’re still played with daily!
All of the above toys are available through VUP baby (so safe to say they’re non-toxic).

xxx Esther


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August 27, 2011

Great wooden toys! We have had the fruits for a long time. The stir fry (by the same company) is also a favorite in our house!!

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