Where Children Sleep

August 24, 2011

I just came across James Mollison’s photographic essay, Where Children Sleep, and I can’t stop staring at those touching photos. Mollison provides stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms. Some photos are simply heart wrenching, others totally fascinating. Isn’t it incredible how wide our world is and how differently people live? The book is written and presented for an audience of children 9-13 years old with the intention of showing kids the lives of other children around the world. Would you show your children? I will definitely show mine!

x Courtney

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Esther in Amsterdam
August 24, 2011

For sure I showed mine! They don’t judge or feel sorry yet, they just wonder. So beautiful. I also wanted to see that film about 5 (or so) babies born in different places in the world — did anyone see that? Was it any good? xxx

August 24, 2011

Yes, the documentary is called “Babies” and it’s just wonderful. Touching and beautifully shot. I watched it just before I had my baby and it made me cry with joy.
And going through only a few pages of “Where Children Sleep” gave me goosebumps..

Courtney in London
August 24, 2011

I showed my kids… and they’re still talking about that boy in Brazil who sleeps on a sofa on the side of the road. I think (hope) they now realise how lucky they are.
We went to the Aquarium yesterday and walked out through the gift store… and when I told them we were not buying anything, my son said to me… “We already have too many toys. Some kids don’t have any!”.
I’m happy I showed them this!

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