Back to the Bib!

Baby Ava obviously wears a bib when she’s eating and she can’t say too much about that yet, but the other two kids have been feeling WAY too old for a bib for years now … which is kind of annoying, because dinner never seems to escape their clothes, no matter how hard they try. But since I brought home Deuz Napkids for them they have been requesting their bib! I didn’t introduce them as bibs of course, I said that these were ‘clever napkins’ — they are in fact packaged as napkins (very cool) so that was totally plausible. The design, size and colours of the Napkids are aimed at bigger children, so they don’t feel like babies at all when they’re wearing them. And they have seriously helped me cut on the amount of laundry so far!
Napkids by Deuz are ethically made in India from 100% certified organic cotton and printed with non toxic inks. Check here for points of sale.

xxx Esther




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Courtney in London
August 24, 2011

How cool! I love the products from Deuz — they’re well designed and practical at the same time.

August 28, 2011

Really loving these. Will you be stocking them? Sadly I can’t find them anywhere in the UK.

Esther in Amsterdam
August 29, 2011

ShakShuka sells them — they ship worldwide!! http://www.shak-shuka.com/eat/

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