The Baby Chase

I must say, I am really liking that more and more information is starting to come to the forefront regarding the issues surrounding infertility.  My mother pointed me towards this article entitled “My Fertility Crisis” which ran in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago and I thought it was a real eye-opener.   All too often, when we DO actually hear about a woman’s struggle with conception, it is usually only discussed and disclosed only once “success” (aka a baby )  is achieved.  Rarely do we hear about those who have been unsuccessful in the journey to motherhood and/or have been dealt multiple blows over the course of years and years.  Infertility is still one of those closely guarded secrets that women keep to themselves, which is why I need to commend Holly Finn, the author of the article and of the new e-book “The Baby Chase” who bravely and honestly shares her experiences of IVF and the quest to have a child.  While not the usual post you would find at a place like Babyccino Kids — I know that many of the moms out there can totally relate and I thought it was a good article to share.



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August 23, 2011

8 years (3 of those on the IVF roller coaster) and luckily we had success with our first son. Our second son arrived as a happy an unexpected surprise 2 years later (unassisted). We were lucky, but I still remember the heartbreak of the IVF process and the sheer bloody mindedness it took to keep going.

We now are reliving it all through 2 very good friends who are starting IVF next month. I will read “The Baby Chase” with interest and no doubt a good few tears.

August 23, 2011

Thank you for sharing this article, Dina.

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