The perfect onepiece swimsuit

My bikini days are way over! I totally envy the mum who can pull off the bikini… but sadly, my tummy is not worth baring (stretch marks galore!), so I’m committed to a life of one-piece swimsuits… which is not such a bad thing now that I’ve found the perfect one. The dionne swimsuit from Malia Mills is my favourite. I just bought my second one. It has side and front ruching which flatters your curves (and hides any post-pregnancy pooch), and it has a nice, wide open back so you still feel sexy. It’s also incredibly good quality (my first one is four years old and I wore it for 100 days straight in Australia last year… and it’s still going strong!). Malia Mills also makes two-piece swimsuits for all you lucky ladies, and you can mix and match top and bottom styles and sizes.  And don’t you love that they use ‘real’ models with ‘real’ bodies?

x Courtney


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August 10, 2011

good suggestion! it seems strange to me that you don’t wear bikini anymore, in the photo of you I’ve seen you look simply wonderful!
From my side I really love the Eres swimsuit (and lingerie too), but I can afford just a very few as they are sooooo expensive!!

Emilie in Paris
August 10, 2011

Great suggestion, I am in the market for a one piece! I think you can still totally get away with a bikini! You still have a fab body!

August 10, 2011

great pick! J.Crew also has some sexy, one piece swimsuits with ruching. I have my eyes on the ‘tulle underwire tank’ swimsuit- there is a whisper of lingerie inspiration, but it is all sophisticated modesty 🙂


August 11, 2011

I love it, I wish I could buy one & not feel guilty.

Courtney in London
August 14, 2011

They are really, really expensive… but such good quality. They last so long — which really makes me think they must be worth it (if you don’t have to buy a new one each year, then you’re actually saving money!). Or at least that’s how I’ve convinced myself… 🙂

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