Playtime NYC Picks

As I mentioned yesterday, I attended the Playtime NYC children’s trade show on Saturday and was really impressed with the selection of designers. I don’t think there was a single ‘bad egg’ in the whole bunch. It’s difficult to narrow down a list of favourites… but there were a few stands which really did it for me and a few highlights I want to mention.

  • Little Lief (images above) is a super darling new NYC-based brand with floaty fits and sweet, natural fabrics for babies and toddlers.
  • I spent a long time checking out the entire collection at Kico Kids and it knocked my socks off. The bright colours, innovative designs (like hidden pockets, a back-pack with a hood, bubble skirts, gauzy dresses, DIY tees etc), and playful concepts put this designer in a league of its own. Plus, these are clothes kids will love wearing (did I mention the pockets?!). Cool!
  • I got to meet the lovely Heidi of H-Luv and see all her quirky/cool/beautiful little creations. You might recognise her Mushroom Men? If not, you should definitely check them out.
  • I also met with Jess Brown, the uber talented designer behind the famous Jess Brown Dolls. She’s launching a women’s label and I think I want every single piece.
  • I am super excited about the new jeans from ESP No. 1. These are my favourite jeans for kids… and they’re launching a colourful collection of jeans in bright colours (S/S 2012) that has me already longing for next Spring!
  • I am absolutely in love with the brand Coral & Tusk. Have a look at their website and you’ll understand why. Breathtaking. All of it!
  • I got to briefly meet the woman behind the Bobo Choses brand. She’s the type of person who gives you a warm embrace, a kiss on the cheek and sends you this infectious love of life that is evident in her clothes and designs. I was a huge fan of Bobo Choses before, but I love it even more.  (And if you thought this summer’s collection was great, just you wait!)
  • And lastly, I discovered the brand Nico Nico which is really just perfection. It’s stuff I would love to wear, but in child size. It’s neither trendy nor sweet, but somewhere perfectly in between. Plus, it’s made from organic and sustainable fabrics and made in the USA. Really, really great.


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Emilie in Paris
August 2, 2011

Great discoveries!

August 2, 2011

Really nice finds. I love finding out about new brands coming out of NYC!

September 23, 2011

[…] first discovered the Little Lief brand this past summer at Playtime NYC and fell in love! (I also spotted the designer’s daughter walking around wearing the Little […]

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