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Dinosaurs — do you love them too?

I never had much with dinosaurs until I gave birth to a son 4 years ago. Really, I didn’t get the buzz. I loved excavations, it’s certainly not that, but more the cultural kind — think Tutank-Amon and Nefertiti, Pompeii and the like…
But now I have a son. And now I know the difference between a Tyrannosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and a Diplodocus! (Sounds familiar? Do you have a son?)
For this reason I love Priddy Books — because Priddy Books understands perfectly well that boys are boys, and they like dinosaurs, tractors, and, well, dinosaurs. We love their Activity Books in our house — full of fun facts, stickers, and educational questionnaires. In fact, I’m going to order some more for the upcoming summer break — perfect to keep the kids entertained for the long journeys ahead!

xxx Esther


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July 14, 2011

Oh I so agree with you … Priddy books are the best!!! My son has loved their farm and tractor books to death, literally!!!

July 15, 2011

Me too! Have you seen their blog? You can become a Priddy blogger and review their books. Also the new pre-school sticker range, just posted on their blog, looks fantastic – there’s pirates, dinosaurs, princesses, builders, farm and fairies.

July 15, 2011

Very recognizable… I never would have thought my girlish me smiling at my son’s watchman dino lamp every night. But I do! The books are a great idea for Caspar’s upcoming birthday, thanks! Primarily on behalf of Caspar 😉

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