Babushka Baby

I think I will forever associate the word Babushka with the famous song by Kate Bush, but there really is so much more behind a Babushka than an old ballad from the eighties! Did you know that the idea behind the Babushka dolls is that the outside doll represents the mother and all the other dolls represent her children, whom she carries inside her and protects? Such a lovely concept, don’t you think? This is also the philosophy behind Babushka Baby, a great new children’s label from Australia. Babushka Baby want to create clothes and accessories which are ethical and will be used by several generations of children and not just thrown away.

I love this kind of approach towards children’s fashion and deco. In the case of Babushka Baby the items are also cute and cozy — what a great combination! Check out snug, retro quilted jacket and the lovely little old-fashioned quilts! At the moment Babushka Baby is mainly available in Australia but you get the collection online here.



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