Mini Micro — clip on bags

Gosh, I wish I had invented something as simple and successful as the Mini Micro Scooter! City kids everywhere are riding them, and no wonder why: finally they can keep up with the faster pace of grown-ups without becoming exhausted, and have a fun ride too! The Mini Micro scooters come in really fun and funky colours (you can personalise different elements of the scooter), but best of all, there are little clip-on back-packs available that are brilliant for little snacks, or for all the little treasures children gather on a trip to the park (feathers, stones, acorns etc.). So clever!

xxx Esther


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June 18, 2011

I have never seen these before! Such a clever idea!

June 20, 2011

The backpacks are not huge (not even big!) but are the perfect size for unclipping from the scooter and carrying on little backs. So mum and dad don’t end up carrying them!! As well as the green one pictured, there’s a blue one and also a pink handbag version. Now every time my son (3) or daughter (5) goes out on their scooters (most days) they pack those special little things they’ve just been playing with – a car, paper and pen, hair grip, whatever – or sometimes a bottle of water or even their sunblock and shades!

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