Marie Puce

I first stumbled into the original Marie Puce shop close to the Luxembourg Gardens almost five years ago, when I first moved to Paris and little Coco was a tiny little baby. It was, possibly, my first introduction to the great world of French children’s fashion. I remember discovering a beautiful collection of Liberty-inspired smocks and bloomers — very inspirational.

I recently rediscovered Marie Puce via their webshop and was again inspired. Lovely simple pieces made out of wonderful fabrics and with that great little French something! There is a new boutique in the 6th arrondissement here in Paris or you can shop via their webshop. Though it is still in French, there is a great English description on how to use the website.



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June 15, 2011

i saw those overalls and instantly had to have them. of course they would only be for babies. i don’t understand why they don’t make overalls up to 3 or 4 yrs. my son is currently wearing a 23 mo linen pair from jacadi, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find others. bu and the duck does make linen overalls up to 6 yrs, i think, but that’s the only one i know of.

June 19, 2011

I am off to check the website…thanks emilie…!

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