Retro class treats

I’m not sure how it works in other countries, but here in the Netherlands kids are supposed to hand out treats to their classmates when it’s their birthday. The teacher will make a special birthday crown, the class will sing happy birthday, and afterwards the treats are handed out to the other kids. Fun!
It was Sara’s 6th birthday last week, and I decided to make what my mum made for me in the ’70s: skewers stacked with yummy things (and hopefully a bit healthier than cakes and candy)! It’s easy to make — just stick things like cheese cubes, pineapple pieces, grapes, sausages and strawberries on skewers and place them in half a melon covered with aluminum foil. It looks very festive and most children love this treat!

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
June 14, 2011

I can imagine kids must LOVE these! And they’re so easy — no baking required. I might remember this for the next ‘Friday Cafe’ bake sale at my son’s school…

June 15, 2011

Couldn’t help but smile at the sight of these. I so remember children’s birthdays in ‘basis school’ in the Netherlands. We all had to sit at our little desk, the lucky birthday person would stand on a chair in front of all, fitted with the teacher-made crown. Then we would all (very) quickly sing ‘Lang zal ze leven’, waiting for the big moment…… You would put your head on your crossed arms on the desk and listen to the birthday boy or girl walking by to put the treat on your desk. Always trying to guess what it was by the sound of some packaging and possibly a smell, imagine…! At some stage, this ritual was changed and the treats were handed out at the classroom door, only half the fun if you ask me! We now live in Sweden with our kids and unfortunately there are so many, perhaps too many, rules and regulations here. Not a hope of bringing in birthday treats to school. Ahhh well, there’s always a chance to do something nice like these fab retro skewers at the party. Thanks for the fond memories!

Esther in Amsterdam
June 15, 2011

That’s such a sweet memory! I went to my daughter’s birthday at school and the teacher made it really special, with fun rituals that the children really were looking out for! It’s nice to hear that some of those rituals will be remembered 😉 xxx

June 15, 2011

Retro indeed! My little girl went to a nursery school in Tanzania, and when she had her 4rth I asked the teachers, whether they had some traditions for the child. I was told to bring treats of any sort for all the kids, and so I did. A huge cake (not as healthy as your skewers!), lollipops and mango juice for everyone. I also left my digital camera for the teachers to snap some shots of the event, and oh boy! Such fun it all seemed to be. Two nursery groups all seated neatly at the looooong table specially pulled together for my girl. Beautiful kids from all over the globe wearing their blue and white uniform, happily staring at the little piece of pink cake on the plates infront of them. That was a happy, happy birthday:)

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