Mamaradscha, gorgeous everyday jewels

So beautiful, these colourful jewels from Mamaradscha. How gorgeous are the shell necklaces? So simple and stylish… They come in two varieties — with a colourful thin thread (I’m sporting the orange one and getting loads of compliments) or with a thin gold band. Both incredibly simple and stylish, perfect for the beach as well as for an evening out! The Mamaradscha products are also fitting for little girls; the bracelets come in 4 sizes and the necklaces are one size fits all. Gorgeous!

Check the Mamaradscha website for points of sale (the necklaces are available here).

xxx Esther


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June 3, 2011

We love *mamaradscha* since quite a while. Great you just wrote about the lovely label…good things must be shared : o)

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