Building a better clog

Clogs were a fashion must when I was a kid.  I am still traumatized however by all the foot injuries that I suffered as a result of wearing them.  Do you remember running in them and they would slip forward and you would crash down on the heel —  basically splitting your foot in half?  Or how they just made so much noise clanking around that people rolled their eyeballs when you innocently ran by?  Anyway, I am happy to report that the clog dilemma has been solved sparing droves of young feet from clog-related injuries.  I love these Dansko clogs with their quiet rubber sole and buckle.  Beyond cute.  I got this exact shoe for one of my daughters and she is obsessed.



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Emilie in Paris
May 30, 2011

Big fan of cloggs over here, I LOVED wearing them as a kid. I think a quiet rubber sole is a vital addition to the clogg

May 31, 2011

Yes…my 3 sisters and I wore patent red clogs as children and suffered many injuries. My 9 year old daughter has an adorable pair of rubber soled Pom d’api clogs, also with a buckle at the back – so far no injuries!

Courtney in London
May 31, 2011

Super cute!

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