Cerise sur le gateau

I don’t know if you are the same but I have a drawer in my kitchen in which I stuff everything: instructions for the toaster (easily the most useless thing ever printed!), loose pieces of wire, pens, and take-away menus. I also have a couple of random bags full of similar stuff peppered around my flat. In France we have an actual word for this: “un fourre tout”  — literally translated: “a stuff everything”. (I hope this does not reveal us as a nation of slobs.)

The fourre tout (on the English website it is described as a zip-up bag) designed by the lovely label La Cerise Sur Le Gateau has given me a stylish excuse to continue stuffing my stuff in little bags! I love their cute designs. They also have other super sweet things on offer — How gorgeous are these little bags for shoes and boots?



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Esther in Amsterdam
May 24, 2011

I looooove these. I really, really want one!!! xxx

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