Egg Timer

I have just bought my first egg timer:

A) because I literally do not know how to boil an egg — they are either so undercooked that the egg white is still transparent or I forget about them and the egg yolk gets this really ugly grey cover, and

B) because my Aunt Liz, whose parenting advice I listen to more than Gina Ford and Tracy Hoggs combined, taught me a great trick — if the kids are fighting about a toy, simply put on the egg timer for a few minutes and the moment it rings they have to swap, then the egg timer goes back on until the next swap. Works like a charm. It turns out that kids are much more reactive to the ring of a egg timer than to my nagging voice. Must be some kind of a Pavlovian dog reaction…



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May 16, 2011

haha…I love that and will definitely remember next time.
Guess the little boy is too young to understand but might be an idea with his big sister…

Esther in Amsterdam
May 16, 2011

I’ve seen my MIL using this trick too — with games on the computer for her older grand children. Indeed, works like a charm!!! xxx

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