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A Sick Day for Amos McGee

I just asked Courtney if I could please write about this book.  I was worried she’d pip me to the post and write about it before I did, and I just love it so much that I really wanted to be the person to enthuse about it.

Courtney and I both spotted A Sick Day for Amos Mcgee on Brooke Reynold’s site a few weeks ago and had both noticed how cute it looked.  Courtney then bought it for me and gave it to me last weekend at her birthday party (just a side note — how nice is it to have a friend who gives YOU presents at HER party!).  I read it to the kids the next morning and afterwards I had to sit quietly (sans kids) and read it again to myself.  Reading this book (or even just looking at it because the illustrations are so off-the-scale beautiful) feels like eating hot-buttered-toast or smelling freshly cut grass on a warm summer’s day.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Why?  Well, as mentioned, the illustrations are exceptional and don’t trust just me on that — Erin E. Stead won the Caldecott Medal for them — not bad for her first book!  But, for me, the key to this book’s brilliance is Amos — a supremely wonderful character, a character who oozes kindness in every detail of his make-up from how he prepares his breakfast, to the way he spends his time with each of his animal friends, how he understands their individual personalities and how he suffers sickness — I love him.  Oh!  And a sweet detail — the red balloon … It’s never mentioned in the story, but this illustrative bit of narrative is so graphically endearing, it somehow touched me.

If you want a really good idea of what to spend your pocket money on this month then I’m sure you, your kids, your future grand-kids and in turn their grand-children would all love A Sick Day For Amos McGee. Available from Amazon (US and UK ).

Mo. x


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May 11, 2011

It’s darling, right? My kids love it, but I think I might love it the most!! The illustrations are just so cool and I do have a love of cute little old men, and sweet Amos is certainly that! So glad you guys liked it too..

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