Shirin Kids

I am so jealous of how little girls get to dress nowadays. Gone are scratchy tights and stiff trousers — the tunic/dress and leggings uniform has taken over — basically they look super cute and get to run around in the equivalent of their PJs all day long! I love the Shirin Kids dresses — they’re super comfortable to wear and so original and pretty. The dresses are made out of organic fabric and screen printed by hand. The summer collection is divine.

PS -I have also realised that if the leggings and dress look is good enough for my girls, it is good enough for me too, and I am now a proud owner of a Shirin dress of my very own!


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May 7, 2011

Love it! Wish I could find an adults shirt like this!

Esther in Amsterdam
May 10, 2011

I can just say that Emilie looked stunning in her Shirin dress last week. xxx

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