Park Math and other Apps from Duck Duck Moose

I am clearly a big fan of the Duck Duck Moose educational apps for kids. I just checked, and I have four of their award-winning apps on my iphone. I think The Wheels on the Bus is my daughter’s favourite, and Fish School is another, but their new app, Park Math, is now a hot contender with my boys. I love that these games are educational as well as fun, and they really come in handy when you just need a bit of distraction (in the car when you are trying to keep your son awake, in a long queue at the post office when your daughter is having a meltdown, while you’re making dinner and you just need some peace and quiet, etc.). Now… if only I had three iphones so my kids would stop fighting over mine!



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May 5, 2011

ooh i think i have all their apps, they’re just so good. and i first heard of them here when you reviewed wheels on the bus. i’ve seriously considered getting an ipod touch just so i can have my iphone back!

May 6, 2011

My 5 year old loves this app as well.

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