Glitter Tattoos — Parent Approved

I am really not a fan of temporary tattoos for kids.  Sure, fine, kids like them and all, but don’t you think they always look like a terrible, flakey mess after a few hours — not to mention the fact that there is always a fight when you have to remove them!   I do however adore a simple and beautiful glitter tattoo (from time to time).  While you used to only be able to get them done by people at street fairs and the like, they are now making easy to use stencil kits you can do at home.   I found these incredible little boxed sets at the upper west side store Make Meaning and they have become a prized possession in our home.   I just ordered a bunch for birthday gifts and now, thanks to my girls, I am sporting two of them.  Also worth nothing they last up to a week and come in simple, kid-appropriate designs.



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Esther in Amsterdam
May 5, 2011

Very hip! Wouldn’t mind sporting them myself!! x

May 5, 2011

I like those!!!
I´ll see if I can find them in Madrid!

May 8, 2011

Those are so cute! My little girl would love those, must see if I can find some over here in the uk.

May 9, 2011

[…] tussen de tanden.Wil je echter een keer op chique, dan raad ik je de glitter tattoos aan die ik via babycinno kids vond. Uber stylish, but less fun :-).Geen gerelateerde artikelen gevonden. Vorige artikel: […]

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