The tooth fairy

May 4, 2011

It finally happened. Last night, while brushing her teeth, my oldest daughter lost her first tooth. She had been wobbling it for weeks and weeks, her silver tooth fairy box ready on her nightstand, waiting for the much anticipated treasure. And then, it finally came out. The bad news? We lost the tooth. She either swallowed it or spit it out with the toothpaste… Gone forever. So sad! Learn this lesson, fellow mums: brush with care when your kids teeth are very wobbly!

Tonight, I’m finding myself sewing a little tooth pillow like the one pictured from Oeuf. I love the fact that there’s a little pocket with room for a banknote and a letter from the tooth fairy. And next time, let’s hope we will have a tooth to stick in it!

xxx Esther

PS My daughter is getting SO big!!!


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Courtney in London
May 4, 2011

I can’t believe Sara lost a tooth! Our ‘babies’ are getting so big. It brings tears to my eyes! I’m so sorry you lost it! Bummer!
(Easton has a few wobbly teeth and he’s obsessed about it right now! It’s funny how they feel so proud about it.)

Emilie in Paris
May 5, 2011

Oh man Sara must have been so disapointed! Coco is obsessed with losing her first tooth, though they are still firmly stuck in her mouth. It really is a sign of being grown up!

May 5, 2011

Hi Esther – maybe watching this episode of my girls’ favourite Charlie and Lola will make Sara feel better!

Esther in Amsterdam
May 10, 2011

Sara loved it — thanks!! xxx

May 11, 2011

Hi Esther,

Slowly but surely I’m getting my life back and finally have the opportunity to read up on your lovely posts. But this post is just TOO SAD. I really feel for Sara! I trust you found a way to reduce the disappointment?


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