Yoga for you and your baby

When I was pregnant with Sara I went to yoga class once a week faithfully. I danced around the room with other pregnant ladies and connected with my baby embracing my belly. After her birth I went back to a weekly baby massage/yoga class until Sara was crawling around and yoga wasn’t an option any more. Maybe the fact that she is nowadays such a balanced child has something to do with all of these yoga classes she enjoyed as a baby!

Sadly baby number two and three didn’t get similar treatments; it’s just too difficult to get out of the house these days with three small children and a household to manage. But… I recently received the DVDs Bump, Birth and Beyond by the London Yoga Company and Ava and I have been doing our own private yoga class in the living room, and we are loving it! I really feel so much better after the 5 minute quick fix, just incredible. And the exercises you can do together with your baby are wonderfully simple and effective. I wish I had known about these DVDs when I was pregnant, it’s such a lovely way to relax and connect with your baby… And get in shape at the same time!
Yoga for You and Your Baby is available through The London Yoga Company, together with the Pregnancy Health Yoga and the Post Natal Yoga ones.

xxx Esther




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April 19, 2011

great tip, thanks!
Will try and get them when in London this weekend

elke mendelsohn
April 20, 2011

a dvd sounds like a great idea, especially AFTER the birth of baby number 3, i myself am pregnant now of bubba nr 3 and have been going to the active birth centre here in amsterdam for my pre natal yoga classes.. its been great! maybe the dvd will be a good get for post natal..when going out at night is not so easy anymore

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