Personalised notebooks from Sloane Stationery

Esther and I each received the loveliest gift from Nathalie at Sloane Stationery — a personalised tabbed notebook for keeping our thoughts and ideas all organized! Super clever and oh so useful. And I love that it says ‘Courtney’s Thoughts and Ideas’ written across the front. My husband will surely know to keep out of this one!

Sloane Stationery specialises in handmade books, photo albums and small leather goods, placing great importance on the quality of the paper and leather of each product.


PS – Whenever I get a nice, new notebook I always have the dilemma of not knowing what to write or how to start (not wanting to mess up that beautiful new notebook). Does this happen to you?


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Esther in Amsterdam
April 11, 2011

It totally happens to me. I love the notebook Nathalie sent me, it is SO pretty, but I still need to inaugurate it!!

April 12, 2011

Oh yes, I can totally agree! i always have to leave the first few pages blank incase i get inspired to write something beautiful on them!
(love the red colour, too!)

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