Fjallraven Kanken

March 28, 2011

When my son was still a babe in arms I bought him a Fjallraven Kanken rucksack for when he started Kindergarten.  I bought it from an uber-cool kid’s boutique in Berlin (Le Petite Boutique on Auguststr. in Mitte if you happen to be in the area), and just thought it was the cutest thing to imagine my little boy carrying it on his back to and from school some day.
His rucksack (in colour ‘Putty’) is now very well used, and we also have a navy blue one ready in waiting for my daughter, who starts kindergarten this year.  If I have any more children I want to add a Grasshopper Green and a Warm Yellow one to our collection. I think it is the perfect kid’s rucksack. Big enough for a lunch-box and water-bottle and with a pocket in the front for treasures (torches, sticks, string etc).  The back is kept sturdy with a removable foam pad which is handy for  impromtu picnics when the ground is a bit too cold to sit on.  They come in a great range of colours and are really durable. You can buy them at the very cool Austrian webshop, Der Kleine Salon.

-Mo. x


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March 28, 2011

We love these! My daughter has a purple one and i am eyeing the teal for my younger daughter as she starts preschool this fall. They really are the perfect size….big enough for a folder, and a few treasures, but not so big as to cart around the kitchen sink. If you are in the USA, you can find them online through j.crew. 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
March 28, 2011

Love these backpacks, and such cool colours! x

March 28, 2011

Love these backpacks, my dad had one in the 80’s as his workbag. Is this the mini version of the normal one?

Esther in Amsterdam
March 28, 2011

I think the yellow one is the normal one and the others are the mini ones. I’ve got a yellow one (normal size) for Sara (but I’m intending to borrow it from her) — got it from Der Kleine Salon, so cute…

March 28, 2011

Hi, you can buy these in a little store in east dulwich which imports scandinavian clothes etc. called Spin & sparkle. I bought my son one a few months a go in a lovely grey.
By coincidence he was wearing it today on a schooltrip! And it is the perfect seize for fi courtney’s recommendation of lunchbox from last week!
Love it, will buy another bag for my youngest son soon!

March 29, 2011

I had one when I was a little girl and now 25 years later my little son has one of those as well. They are great!

July 2, 2012

[…] am sure you have seen these Fjallraven backpacks, and I know Mo has already blogged about them here, but I could not resist writing about them […]

August 26, 2012

I’m looking to buy one for my 5-year old and wondered if you had the mini or the classic size for your little ones and how the you felt the size worked?

Briony Skeen
January 13, 2013

Hi there, I have just purchased a classic size in colour putty (although found it hard to decide between the navy and forest green!). I bought it on the official website. Theres 15% off at the moment. I am keen to see the size. Bigger the better I think. By the time you put lunch bag, spare clothes, drink bottle, sunscreen etc, you need the space.

January 14, 2013

Hi Briony – I have since bought the classic size (again in putty) for my son as he went to school in september and needed a bag big enough for A4 papers. I also have a Big one for me which I carry all our paraphenelia around in – they are excellent (I love the yellow one too!)

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