Smart bags

Have you seen the Envirosax yet? Pretty clever, these foldable bags, and such fun designs too! I really, really loathe plastic bags these days. It’s just such a waste, all of that plastic, and so unnecessarily destructive for our environment. If you read these facts, you probably won’t touch another plastic bag ever again! In the Netherlands, more and more shops keep a ‘bag bubble‘ in their shop, where customers can leave plastic bags for others to re-use, which is such a clever initiative. I personally make an effort to keep a little shopping bag rolled up in my handbag at all times (loving the green robot bag from the Kids Series). And for my weekly shopping, my Trolley Dolly is still going strong! What do you do for the fight against plastic?

xxx Esther

PS Fun fact: the founder of the Envirosax company, Belinda David-Tooze, lives in one of the most innovative, totally sustainable eco houses in Australia together with her husband and three small children. So amazing!


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Courtney in London
March 27, 2011

Super cute envirosax!
And yes, I am also against using plastic bags. And when I do, I try to reuse them as often as possible.
I have been noticing that a lot more shops are asking customers if they need a bag, which is nice to see… as so often bags aren’t even necessary (for little things that easily fit in your handbag).

March 28, 2011

Love the bags! They have a bit of a retro feel.

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