The Mundo Cargo Bike

Another cool spotting on the streets of Tribeca!  While walking my girls back from swim class last night (all of us tired, hungry and cranky as could be) a man on a bike whizzed past us with two kids sitting snugly on the back.  Immediately one of my daughter started screaming “I WANT THAT NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!! and I looked at her and said “ME TOOOOOOO!!!”

A few blocks later and I found it parked on the street and we all went to investigate.  Turns out there is a company in California called Yuba that makes them and it is way cool.  The Mundo Cargo Bike is essentially a utility bicycle that is  made with the intent of hauling heavier loads.  It’s not much longer than a traditional bicycle and has a long sturdy plank on the back, and because it doesn’t have a large basket like a Bakfiets,  it’s more city friendly.  True, it is a bit of an investment, but the way I see it it would have saved me a lot of stress about making it to school on time.  New York is becoming more and more bike friendly these days with separate paved lanes and ample bike parking cropping up everywhere so we will probably start to see more Mundos as time goes on.  Sad I missed the boat on this one….



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Esther in Amsterdam
March 15, 2011

That bike looks so cool! My husband takes our oldest children to school every day like this — behind each other on the back of his bike. It’s a normal bike though, with a special seat in the back (in Holland these sort of things are easily available of course!). I must say that the bakfiets is more common here in Amsterdam, it serves as an alternative to a car as you can load the crate not only with children (even babies in car seats!) but also with groceries and the like… But I really love the look of this bike, it seems so much easier to cycle with! x

March 15, 2011

It looks like a boda-boda to me…. less shiny versions fill the streets of Kenya where we live 😉

March 15, 2011

Oh I love this how cool

March 15, 2011

How cool! I love orange!

March 26, 2011

I think these bikes look so cool, you see similar ideas frequently in Holland and Copenhagen.
There is also the tuga bike I’ve seen in a shop near us, my kids love the idea ……..but maybe it’s because they think Mummy will be doing all the work!

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