Chakra Dress

Summer dresses are slowly creeping into my daughters wardrobes. This is not because I am a forward thinker — I am  more like a forward dreamer, and cannot wait for short sleeves and bare legs to be the norm. One of the little dresses I got is the Fira Dress by Charka Studio, who are making some of the sweetest dresses around. The dresses are designed in Dallas and made out of fabric made in small artisan studios using plant and mineral dyes, which explains the lovely subtle colours. The dresses are put together in workshops run by an NGO teaching women needlework skills. Beautiful dresses that are ethically made — that is quite a winning combination!



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March 8, 2011

Tres joli, tres frais! belle collection! merci pour cette decouverte!

March 9, 2011

Beautiful, and where are the super cute gold wellies from?!?

Emilie in Paris
March 9, 2011

Jill, they are darling, aren’t they? i will try and find out for you…

Emilie in Paris
March 9, 2011

And here is the answer: Sara from Chakra Design spray painted a pair of cheap wellies in gold for the shoot. Apparently if you try this you need to find a way of sealing the paint, as she did not and now the paint is flaking off..

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