A Cops ‘n Robbers Party

I asked Elias what type of birthday party he wanted.  Like a shot he came back with ‘Pirates’.  “Oh No!  Really?”, I replied.  Not that I have any particular objection to Pirates but we must have been to ten pirates parties in the last year — there was absolutely no scope for originality!  So I spent the next few weeks flashing alternative ideas at him and the one that finally got him was ‘Cops ‘n’ Robbers’.

  • I’m no big-shot with Adobe so designed a simple invite based on the Metropolitan Police logo.  I got the invites printed by Moo Print, which is a hot little discovery as they use ‘Printfinity’, a technology that allows you to print a different image on every post-card, business card or sticker you print with them — I didn’t use this on the invites but couldn’t resist printing some Police logo stickers in different colours to slip in with the invites (well, all kids love stickers in my experience!).
  • I then ordered some Police tape to wrap in front of the house (it got our neighbours talking at least!), a police costume for my son and cake icing printed with the ‘new’ police logo from here.
  • My daughter already had a cute Katvig B&W striped top and black leggings so all she needed was some dodgy stubble and I had my first robber. (Other cute B&W striped ideas I like were from Bob & Blossom, P.O.P online &  gorgeous Ivana Helsinki).
  • We served food in our cellar (which we tried to make feel like a jail canteen).  My husband and mum cooked fish and chips (for 20 kids!) and I bought these brown food boxes for ease of serving (the kids found these pretty special too) and just printed some stickers labelled ‘Cell Food’ to seal them.
  • I stole another great idea from Brooke Reynolds for the place-mats — using her idea for Valentine’s Day, I adapted it to make ‘Wanted’ posters with the outline of a face and laid the table with a pencil for each kid to ‘design a robber’ (there were some fantastic results from this!).
  • I made simple draw-string ‘Swag’ bags as party-bags but also love these black and white striped paper bags for something a bit less maintenance.
  • We played ‘Cuff The Robber’ — which was basically ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ and ‘Rob the Piggy Bank’ — which was a version of the magnetic fishing game.  I used these Mighty Magnets and attached them with string to bamboo sticks.  Then we emptied all our old coin boxes into 3 large clear boxes (with Piggy Banks on them) — the children then had to use the magnets to rob as much money as they could from the piggy banks in 20 seconds.
  • For prizes we gave away Playmobil cops ‘n’ robbers and cool Lego policeman torch keyrings.

I have to say it was a really fun theme!

Mo. x


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March 7, 2011

Oh, I LOVE this! I am slowly discovering that I am a bit of a kid’s party geek. My kiddo’s party is this weekend and he asked for a Rock Star party. I made up invites that look like concert tickets. This should be a blast!
Love the photos and the cute little hats!

Dina in NYC
March 7, 2011

Brilliant! I am totally hiring you to do our next party. Such a creative idea Mo.

Emilie in Paris
March 7, 2011

That is great!! I love every aspect of it, from the cute Bobby hat to the cell food.

Courtney in London
March 7, 2011

It was SUCH a cute birthday party. And, as always, I was so impressed with all the tiny details so well thought out. I’m with Dina — I would love to hire you to plan our next party!!! You are so good at it.
And will you please send me the pdf of that draw-your-own robber. My kids LOVED drawing their own robber. Even Quin got into it!

Esther in Amsterdam
March 7, 2011

Oh Mo, so, so cute, this party!! I love all the little details!

March 7, 2011

LOVE the Wanted posters.. genius to let each kid make their own. The whole theme of this party is so great, but I think the swag bags are my favorite part!

March 9, 2011

hahaha you are amazing!!! my son will be turning 2 in may and also tired of the ol’ pirate theme (which was his 1 year birthday…) i’ve been trying to figure out what would still be an equally badass theme for this year. i took a half second glance at your inspiration board while going through my emails and saw the cops photos on top and went onto my next email… in my brain-fail mode i failed to realize that you had cops’n’robbers as a theme and just thought you were posting some cool stuff and i came to the same brilliant cops’n’robbers epiphany. it was only later on when i went back to check out the details that i realized you were doing what i thought was an original idea 😛 thank you for the inspiration! i am going to do my own spin on this theme, hope it turns out as fun as yours! cheers xo phanie

April 29, 2011

[…] parties? We love the originality of this super fun cops n’ robbers party created by Mo of Babyccino Kids for her son […]

May 22, 2011

Love love love the creative touches that must have made this party so special. Bet the parents enjoyed it all as much as the kiddies.

I’m doing the boring Pirate party option for my 4 year old in July and would love some pointers from a pro party-thrower! Want it to be original and fun rather than just buying all the ready-made skull & crossbones paraphernalia…

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