Veja, for fashionable feet

Loving these Veja sneakers I got for Sara. They are so hip, and especially paired with her super skinny jeans. She’s majorly impressed with them herself — so much so that she taught herself to tie her own laces as an immediate result!
Not only do these shoes look super cool, they also have a great fit and are made from organic cotton and wild rubber. Good to know too: they also come with velcro straps! Check for points of sale on the website

xxx Esther

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1. alessia | March 6, 2011 | Reply

I saw the Veja collection for kids at Playtime and it`s fantastic. The quality and design is really good

2. Courtney in London | March 7, 2011 | Reply

I love the Veja sneakers. Even I own a pair for myself! :)

3. tada! shop | March 7, 2011 | Reply

i fell for the taupe/yellow pair that nonchalant mom has!

4. Steph | March 7, 2011 | Reply

I love these. Can someone direct me to a website that sells them in the US? Or where in London my husband could find them for our son and for me? I saw that Selfridges sells them. Do they have adults and childrens?

5. Esther in Amsterdam | March 10, 2011

Hi Steph, I’m not sure about this, maybe you could call Selfridges and ask? Good luck. xxx

6. Alex | March 14, 2011

Hi Steph,
Last season I had the chance to find Veja shoes for my son in London at Petit Aimé -Notting Hill-.
Maybe you can have a try?