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After the Angawandi ProjectSally Test and a select group of charities in Haiti, here is another small, but incredibly important charity we would like to proudly support. In our aim to support smaller charities that don’t have the massive publicity budgets of the bigger organisations, but still achieve incredible things… we would like to introduce you to Ickle Pickles, which provides care and equipment for premature babies.

Rachael, the founder of Ickle Pickles has taken the saying “turning a negative into a positive” to the extreme. Her son Charlie was born pre-mature and had to spend the first 12 weeks of his life in a hospital, something that would turn everyone’s life upside down. Based on this experience, Racheal and her husband founded the Ickle Pickles Children’s Chairty. Here she explains her experience and a bit about the charity:

My husband and I founded the Ickle Pickle Children’s charity following the premature birth of our son Charlie in March 2008. He was born 12 weeks prematurely weighing just 2lb 4oz (1.1 kg) and he spent 34 days in Intensive Care, 9 days in High Dependency and 40 days in Special Care.

We have no idea why Charlie came so early and our lives went on hold for the entire time he was in hospital. Each week had its challenges including a problem with closing a heart valve, bleeds on his brain and issues with him regulating his temperature. However, he got through it all and was discharged from St. George’s hospital, Tooting, London on 17th June 2008, one day before his original due date and today is a thriving, happy boy who charms everyone he meets (like most parents I am maybe a little biased).

The Ickle Pickles charity aims to give every newborn a chance. We do this through the provision of new and much needed equipment for Neonatal Units, to be used in the provision of primary care for premature and sick babies. The equipment is sourced in collaboration with individual NNUs & NHS trusts to ensure that the donations meet a real and tangible need and have an immediate impact.
All donations are made in the form of restricted grants to ensure that the funds are not diverted elsewhere.

Our immense gratitude to the staff at St George’s Neonatal unit in London and admiration for the work of all Neonatal Units has inspired us to do something, however small, on behalf of all Ickle Pickles out there. In the last two years we have raised over £120,000 which has purchased much needed equipment for neonatal units across the UK including Tunbridge Wells, Sheffield, London, Portsmouth & Worthing. As a charity we are continuing to grow nationally but are focusing on working at a local level to help the parents, families and friends of premature and sick babies make a tangible difference to the neonatal unit that helped save their child.

The name of the charity was inspired by one of the Neonatal nurses who called our son her ‘Ickle Pickle’ as we were so flustered it took us a long time before we settled on Charlie! If you are interested in getting involved or would just like to learn more about what we have done to date please visit Ickle Pickles or contact And you can click here to see a photo of Charlie today!

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February 23, 2011

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Esther in Amsterdam
February 24, 2011

Oh, so small… What a wonderful charity, and what a sweet name; Ickle Pickle!

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