Snowy Day Dinner Craving

It is bitter cold and snowing here in NYC and all I want to do is sit inside, hide under the covers, and have someone show up at my door with a giant hot cauldron of Cheese Fondue.  Somewhat cruel of me to post this picture now that I look at it.  I have had fondue on the brain ever since our friends had us over for dinner a few weeks ago as they made a complete spread which was not only delicious but great fun for the kids!  We kicked things off with fresh bread and cheese followed buy thin slices of marinated beef and chicken simmered to perfection.  Okay, now I am starving.  When the melted chocolate and fruit dessert arrived there was basically a complete riot.  Although there is a lot of prep work that goes into setting everything up it actually makes little mess in the end and the portions are perfect for little people (provided they are old enough to not want to stick their fingers in the flame).  Here is a great recipe that Emilie posted a while ago and I also found this great website called Fondue Bits that has a bunch of great ideas!

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Esther in Amsterdam
January 31, 2011

Cheese fondue certainly is on a come-back!! My husband and I love it too — there’s actually a lovely ‘cheesy’ Swiss restaurant in Amsterdam where we go every now and then to have lovely cheese fondue! We haven’t tried it with the kids yet — What a great idea — will try it soon (have to get my hands on a fondue set). x

Esther in Amsterdam
January 31, 2011

And I know this is cheating, but those ready-made bags from the supermarket are actually really good! x

January 31, 2011

I freaking love fondue! There is nothing as satisfying as melted cheese.

February 1, 2011

Luurve this post and yes, that photo is making me drool. The Fondue website also looks fab – thank you for a great link! I shall definitely be hosting a fondue party sometime soon….mmmm

Courtney in London
February 1, 2011

You know, I have NEVER had fondue before!! But apparently, according to you all, I am missing out enormously! I must try…

February 11, 2011

Fondue….hmm..i could be up for that again during these cold days in NY. will check out the website and get inspired since now i own 3 types of fondues.

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