Tot-a-Lot — solely for twins!

The number of twins in the world is increasing, which is happy news, I find. I was always secretly hoping to have twins — so cool (but handfuls of work, I’m sure)! Tot-a-Lot, the new Spanish brand from mother-of-twins Lourdes Ferrer, caters exclusively to the twin market with her ‘double’ designs. All of the clothing in her shop is exclusively sold in pairs, and she takes the idea of ‘matching clothes’ one step further as she cleverly plays with prints, colours and patterns to let two similar but essentially different garments complement each other in fun ways. Also very cool: the clothes are shipped in fun boxes with double compartments which can be re-used as twin storage boxes. Bring them on, those twins!

xxx Esther


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January 27, 2011

Really nice things for twins 🙂

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