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Cheerful! In 3½ months

Did you know that the 3rd Monday of January is considered the most depressing day of the year?  I had no clue. Apparently ‘Blue Monday’ happened on the 16th this year, and I can state that for me, it wasn’t unhappy at all.  In fact, I quite enjoyed myself!  I went to the ‘Kleine Fabriek‘, the Amsterdam Children Trade Fair, where I met loads of interesting people and discovered many new, cheerful products.  And I was quite happy to discover that my favourite Dutch publishers, SNOR, finally published their first English edition: Cheerful! In 3 1/2 months, with loads of beautiful illustrations, and one assignment a day for 3½  months, which will surely make you happy. Like:

  • Find a car without a parking ticket and buy one for it’,
  • ‘Ask a stranger what he/she thinks of you (beautiful/attractive/intriguing/astounding/stubborn/charming/worth gold)’,
  • Walk up the stairs backwards’,
  • Buy 12 boxes of coloured pencils and fill each box with 12 pencils of the same colour’.

Feeling Cheerful, already? Cheerful! In 3½ months is available through BijzonderMooi.nl.

xxx Esther


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