A year later and not much has changed…

Exactly one year ago this time my daughter was quarantined in the hospital for two weeks with Salmonella poisoning that spread to her bloodstream. Happy New Year!!!  Ever since that time I have been on high alert when it comes to food safety issues and the New Year (in the US at least) has already kicked off with several food recalls of my favorite foods including organic beef (E.Coli), Cilantro and Alfalfa Sprouts ( Salmonella) and even Pastries and Cookies sold at Whole Foods which apparently come with a lovely side of staph infection!  I don’t intend to cause panic or dismay here but I do like to be informed, especially when it comes to feeding my kids, and as I was doing research I stumbled upon this wonderful website called The Daily Green which I plan to bookmark and check regularly. It has also inspired me to really kick some of the bad habits that I have turned a blind eye to (ie: sipping out of plastic water bottle as I type — I know, I know). Make sure to check out this article on the Dirty Dozen as well as this great  New Years Resolutions list which I am all over starting today!



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January 15, 2011

Daily Green is a wonderful site. And yikes Dina, I’m certainly glad all worked out for your daughter. I’d make a joke about eating air, but I’m sure that’s plenty polluted too these days.

January 17, 2011

if you are liking daily green you should also check out same philosophy but they give you recipes on an almost daily basis for fast, eas, healthy meals to cook for your entire family

January 17, 2011

How awful! I hadn’t heard about these food recalls . . . cilantro (a go-to flavor in our house) and Whole Foods cookies??? Where did you find out about the recalls?? I know in most cases it’s too late when you hear about it, but I’d still like to be able to know ASAP.

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