Cyber Cupcakes!

After having come back from a recent vacation with the kids  I have developed a new-found love and appreciation for the I-Pad.   True — I was skeptical at first… but there are actually a bunch of really great applications you can download to thwart meltdowns, kill time on rainy days or simply to secure time when you just need a few minutes to yourself.   As a family, we have all became obsessed with Cupcakes! by Maverick Software.  It’s so simple yet so satisfying.  You can select your batter, tin liners and all the icing and toppings you can imagine (sprinkles, jelly beans, even bacon!) to build the most elaborately delicious cupcakes you can conjure up.  At the end you can even light birthday candles, blow them out, and “cyber eat” them.  It’s so oddly fun and engaging you have to check it out for yourself.   I am planning to get the rest of their delicious apps  — cookies, pizza and even grilling!



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Mario Cuomo
January 7, 2011

I can’t believe how many toppings they have! I downloaded the cookies and the grilling as well. My girls are going to love. Btw, do I have to buy all 3 of them an IPad???

Courtney in London
January 7, 2011

Ha ha! It’s funny how grown-ups can get so into the kid’s games on the iphone!
We are all totally addicted to ‘Doodle Jump’. I would recommend it… except that you’ll hate me for it, it’s so addictive!

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