Tamar Mogendorff

This moose head (it is a moose, isn’t it?) I am desperate to acquire. Well…desperately hoping to acquire that is as I haven’t yet investigated matters of cost. I think it will look gorgeous on the blank wall above my son’s bed (provided it doesn’t inspire nightmares, mind you). New York-based, Israeli-born Tamar Mogendorff is the mega-talented artist behind this and an array of other stuffed beauties like penguins, owls, peacocks, ducks and sweet birdcages. Tamar oozes talent, skill and style and I am in awe ; her use of bits of old linen, tinsel, antique embroidery, mohair, tweed (even the occasional newspaper) coupled with rough stitching and raw edges give her creations so much texture and personality.  I love how none of her creations are what you would call ‘perfect’.  But they are, on the other hand, perfecly ‘raw’. All equally magical too. Oh, it’s hard to pick a favourite!

In Australia, a great selection of  Tamar’s work is available through KinderGallery. For elsewhere in the world, check stockists through her beautiful website and while you’re at it, just drool and dream away…



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Courtney in London
December 22, 2010

I love her stuff. I’m in love with her bird houses! I want to buy one for Ivy’s room when we are finished remodeling.

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