Oatmeal Pancakes

My two favourite breakfast meals are pancakes and oatmeal. So imagine how excited I got by the prospect of Oatmeal Pancakes!! My sister first made them for us a few months ago, and they were by far the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten in my life. They are slightly heartier, moister, more complex than regular pancakes… and I’m no expert, but with oatmeal in them, it seems they’re probably healthier too!

The recipe comes from the Orangette blog, and the only tricky thing is that you have to soak the oats overnight… so you have to plan ahead. Otherwise, they’re just as easy to make as the regular ones. But so much better! Yummm… bring on the weekend.



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December 17, 2010

We sometimes sprinkle a few oats in the pancakes along with sliced banana. It’s chewier than if we soaked them but kind of nice. We also, because we’re equally in love with waffles, add to our waffles banana that’s been mashed up and oats and choc chips! Delicious.

December 17, 2010

They sound and look delish! Will try the recipe out tomorrow – thanks! xxx

Sara - Belgium
December 17, 2010

I also am a HUG fan of porridge and pancakes; separate as well as together! I have a FAB recipe too but it doesn’t require soaking the oats overnight, just 10 minutes in milk. If you’d like to try this recipe just let me know! 🙂 I shall try yours, too. Just for something new. Merci!

December 18, 2010


Esther in Amsterdam
December 19, 2010

Thank you for posting these, they sound great!
We have a recipe with muesli and banana, also very yummy… x

December 24, 2010

They sound and look delish! Will try the recipe out tomorrow – thanks! xxx

March 8, 2011

[…] with whole wheat flour or oats (soaked in buttermilk overnight). My favourite are definitely the oatmeal pancakes — so good my mouth is watering at the thought of […]

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