Mudslinger Hoodie

Living in Paris I do have the tendency to put my girls in dresses, Mary Janes and hairbands. After all: when in Rome do like the Romans. But sometimes it is just nice to put them in jeans, a hoodie and some trainers and go out to the park. I actually think my girls play differently when they are dressed this way, they seem to be a bit more active, less girlie and a lot more enthusiastic about getting dirty.

I love my daughter’s new hoodie, by the new New York-based label Mudslinger. Carolyn, the designer, is a mother of two boys and she must be used to a lot of Mudslinging — what a great name. The clothes are just what you would expect: comfortable and practical with a great design edge to them — these are clothes to go out and have fun in. All the garments are made in the US and Carolyn uses organic fabrics whenever she can.

I also really like the look of the all in one cordory mechanic suits, I remember wearing something similar that my mother had made me in the ’70s — nice to see this style coming back!

– Emilie




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Esther in Amsterdam
December 16, 2010

Very cool, and yes, sometimes jeans and hoodies are the best for both boys and girls! I really like the simplicity of the clothes!

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