A Christmas Pink Martini

My husband and I have uber-opposite music tastes — it is one of the subjects we get really annoyed with one another about.  However for many years now, one of the Albums we both agree is brilliant is Pink Martini’s Sympathique . If you don’t know Pink Martini — they are a Portland-based group who do ‘lounge’ music inspired from various music genres and styles.  Often doing covers but in such a great, fresh way (bit like Nouvelle Vague, whom I also love).

Their new Christmas album, Joy To The World , is everything you want from a Christmassy album — jazzy, stylish and suitably jingly and their version of White Christmas (Part 1) might even beat Bing’s (I know it is almost sacrilege to say that but it is seriously beautiful!).



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December 16, 2010

Pink Martini is great, I have to get this album, though this year I have given into the cheesiness of Christmas music and downloaded WHAM, the Pogues, Elvis and Luther Vandeross…

Esther in Amsterdam
December 19, 2010

OK I will get this, thanks for the tip!

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