Clothespin Ornaments

Do you remember the clothespin reindeer we made last year? This year we decided to use different clothespins (wooden ones with the round bit at the top) to make more Christmas ornaments. We ended up with a Rudolph, a soldier and a snowman.

They’re fun to make, and they look cute on the Christmas tree. The only trick is finding the right clothespins (these ones are particularly difficult to find).  And you’ll also need:

  • Acrylic paint (and paintbrushes)
  • Felt — red and white for the soldier, brown for Rudolph’s ears, black for the snowman’s hat
  • Googly eyes for Rudolph
  • Black pom-pom for the soldier’s hat
  • Gold glitter glue for soldier’s buttons



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December 12, 2010

This is such a cute idea! My son created a Christmas tree ornament out of popsicle sticks in preschool. I recently took a photo of it, which I used to create holiday cards & return address labels. This was a great way to preserve & share his creation!

Emilie in Paris
December 12, 2010

Such a lovely idea, I need to go visit some shops to see where you get those wooden pegs. Did you find them in London?

Esther in Amsterdam
December 13, 2010

These are so cute! I have made little princesses from those wooden pegs before but it makes much more sense to make Christmas deco from them! I think I have seen those wooden pegs at the craft shop… x

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