Diesel Straight Leg Jeans from Mini Wardrobe

My second son gets all the hand-me-downs from his older brother, which means that every single pair of jeans he gets comes with holes in the knees.  Poor kid. I recently got him a brand new pair of Diesel jeans (pictured) from the newly launched webshop, Mini Wardrobe… and now at least his knees are warmer! Oh, and they’re very cute jeans too.

Mini Wardrobe is based in the UK and offers trendy childrenswear for kids 0 to 10.  Every clothing item on their site is styled as part of an outfit and photographed on a child to make it easy for customers to shop, and they also offer a loyalty programme which rewards customers with cash-value points. Their goal is to make it easy and fun to discover and shop for new brands and gifts online.  I like their jeans and the pretty Mini A Ture floral blouses.


p.s. You must see this adorable video on how to shop at Mini Wardrobe — so cute!


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Esther in Amsterdam
December 8, 2010

These jeans are so cool! x

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