Mr. Moustache mobile

Although this mobile was initially intended for the nursery, when it arrived I very selfishly confiscated it for a place in the living room. Is that bad? The Mr. Moustache mobile is the fantastic design of two young German designers, and is made with so much thought for detail — I’m really impressed! The moustaches are made of recycled paper and wood veneer, and the product comes in a beautiful envelope which would make it perfect for gift giving (it’s flat and light so also perfect to send long distance).
Available from the Jäll & Tofta website.

xxx Esther


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December 3, 2010

HAAAA! Oh my, hilarious AND cute!

Sara - Brussels
December 3, 2010

SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!! And NO WAY it’s not selfish to put it in your living room! (Although, LOL!!! I’d do it too! In a HEARTBEAT!) LOVE IT!!!

December 5, 2010

I bought this mobile here:

And it´s REALLY cool in my sons nursery!

December 6, 2010

I love mobiles. I have a really simple one – 3 elephants one in blue, yellow and red which I love. It is above my son’s change table and is a great distraction. I got it in Skandium in London.

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