Autumn craft — A not-so-scary spiderweb

I grew up in the countryside and have seen enough big hairy spiders in my bedroom to infect me with a mild form of arachnophobia. But this spiderweb my daughter made is allowed to hang in my house… Just use a chestnut for the centerpiece, pierce 5 holes (a metal skewer works), insert wooden skewers and start winding yarn (wind around each wooden skewer as you’re progressing). Secure the ends with a knot each time you change yarn. Very easy, and with a very pretty result!

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
November 30, 2010

So cute! And so easy too. I think my boys would love this.

November 30, 2010

Very cute! I need ideas like this for the Christmas holidays 🙂

December 2, 2010

good idea, think i will do it with different shades of white and silver sparkly thread and ribbon to make snow flakes, we have loads of the real stuff at the moment and are stuck in so non cold snow flakes are in order me thinks 🙂

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