Paper bag advent bunting

I’m sorry the picture isn’t great… but this is such a quick, simple and (I think) effective idea that I had to tell you about it.
Advent for us starts officially this Sunday, but of course the first doors on the advent calendars will be opened on the 1st. To jazz up our hallway I made this simple Advent paper-bag bunting.  And it was so easy you could even make this with the kids.

  • Some plain white paper bags (mine were bought in Germany but these look similar) folded over at the top and punched with a normal hole-punch.
  • Each one stamped with the numbers 1 – 24.
  • Then some christmas string threaded through the top.

Mine are currently just decoration but I think I will fill them with a few treats so the kids can open them up as the days tick by.

Mo. x


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November 27, 2010

Mo, this is very nice… a cute and simple idea!
Perfect for my… simple and minimum decoration…this year!
And it is raining outside!
Have a great week end and Thank you for all your fabulous ideas! x

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