Cozy Christmas Blanket from Hopsan

Sometimes you just have to see and feel a product to really appreciate the quality. This blanket from Dutch eco brand Hopsan is like that. The quality of the (organic) cotton is wonderful, it’s nice and thick but still soft and supple, and the pattern is beautiful. Remember that adorable jacket I wrote about a while ago? This blanket is from that same series. And even though I think it would be wonderful for Christmas time, of course you can use it all year round (and it looks great on the couch as well!).
As a bonus it comes with an adorable hat, and is packed in Hopsan’s signature little cardboard house. What a lovely Christmas gift…

xxx Esther


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November 25, 2010

oh how darling… I like to get something “special” for Christmas… like a cute onesie or a blanket…
I will head over to the shop…

November 25, 2010

Oh I love Hopsan! It means “oops” in Swedish I think?
So cute 🙂

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