Spoil yourself

I have had one of those months, and the truth be told, I am feeling a little bit run down. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling off the trees, my girls and I have all had colds and it has been one of those periods where nothing really goes to plan. I feel like I’ve been running late on everything — do you know that feeling? So I decided it was time to do some damage limitation and spoil myself a little, and this is how:

1) A big, long, hot bath with some good bath salts (my favorites are the Neals Yard Lavander Bath Salts).
2) An episode of Mad Men (it is my absolute favourite show at the moment and there is nothing better than zoning out to a good TV show) and watching it while I am soaking in the hot bath with a face mask on.
3) A hot drink: my favourite is freshly pressed lemon juice, hot water, honey and a splash of whiskey (the whiskey is optional).
4) Going to bed early in a freshly made bed.

What about you? What is your quick fix when you are feeling run down?



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Courtney in London
November 22, 2010

Ohhhh there is just nothing better than a long, hot bath followed by an early night into fresh, clean bed linens. Makes me feel like a whole new woman!

Esther in Amsterdam
November 22, 2010

Ohhh, I agree… I love those crisp, clean bed linens! And a new magazine and a cup of tisane… I love that, and I always feel much better in the morning!!!

Dina in NYC
November 22, 2010

I love taking a lonnnnnnnnng walk with my ipod. Granted not as relaxing as tea and bed but sometimes when I am feeling spent (which is roughly 90% of my waking hours) the best thing I can do it get myself moving.

November 22, 2010

when I am needy:

first the kids to bed, shower, cozy PJ and a soft blanket…
sofa time with a pot of Haaegen Dasz Ice Cream… two long cocktail spoons… sharing with hubby!
it reminds me of the “before we had kids” time and we have a good talk…
then I get a nice foot massage and off to bed and yes I agree…. crisp new sheets are wonderful so if I am lucky… sheets are fresh, if not… I still will cuddle up with my husband and have a good sleep…

Emilie in Paris
November 23, 2010

I love the long walks with ipods, even if it is cold outside, it gets the cobwebs out of my head!

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