Favourite Toys: Momoll Wooden Kitchen

I think I might have two budding Gordon Ramseys on my hands. My girls love cooking and playing… so their number one favourite toy must be their Momoll toy kitchen. The amount of cups of coffee,  cups of tea, cakes and sandwiches that have been produced out of this kitchen are innumerable. The children’s dolls all have had birthday cakes baked in the kitchen and if I am really lucky, I get served a steak/frites — these girls know what their mother likes…

The thing I love about this particular kitchen is that, apart from the fact that is really cute and really easy to put together, it is so multifunctional. If you turn it around it becomes a puppet theatre, which again is a source of hours of fun and entertainment.

– Emilie


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Courtney in London
November 19, 2010

I have always loved the look of this kitchen! So cute. And I love that it can also be used as a puppet theatre.

BTW — my kids are still in love with their collection of ‘cutting fruit’ — even the boys love ‘cooking’ things!

November 21, 2010

such a pity i got a janod kitchen for xmas for my lil girl…this has been on my wishlist and I forgot about it till now!

Esther in Amsterdam
November 22, 2010

My kids are also obsessed by their kitchen and cutting fruit, cakes, wooden pizza etc. They cook with it but also organise picnics, etc…

March 3, 2015

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